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Welcome Friends!

You are just a decision away from your chance to experience Bodrum “The way it is meant to be lived!”. Tropicana Beach Hotel is created, owned and operated by a family born, raised and still living in Bodrum. For years, we have been enjoying Bodrum’s sun, cooling waters, wonderful beaches, calming evening breezes, beautiful nights and the non-stop nightlife. We have made sure that every corner and detail in Tropicana Beach Hotel reflect the Bodrum life to ensure that our guests have the chance to enjoy the real Bodrum, just like the way we have been enjoying it for years.

We asked ourselves what made Bodrum special, and made sure our Hotel provided generous portions of each experience offered by Bodrum. We also have been adding the global friendship initiator “smiling faces” & great holiday enabler “excellent service” to the mix to complete your Bodrum experience. So please join us and let us show you why Tropicana Beach Hotel is the right choice to experience Bodrum the way it is meant to be lived.

Tropicana Beach Hotel, the way Bodrum meant to be lived!